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China Jewelry Gem & Jewelry Trade エルメス新作財布Association, vice president of the Young like three in the recently held "2012 International Jewelry Fashion Festival Session", said the グッチ新作バッグChinese jewelry industry in prosperity at the same time, there is the relative excess capacity, price volatility increased operatingrisk.

It is understood that China's jewelry exports in recent years has ヴィトン 財布 人気been substantial growth in domestic jewelry consumption demand, jewelry investment demand continues to be optimistic, but the Chinese jewelry industry exists jewelery relative excess capacity, increase the business risk of price fluctuations In addition, 通販 アディダス スニーカーthe the Jewelry cultural contribution to the industry also needs to be improved.

China Gold Association Vice Chairman and エルメスのバッグGeneral Bingnan echoed down guidelines in the national strategy to promote the upgrade of the gold jewelry industry, culture, innovation gene to build a new civilization, new developments of China's gold jewelery industry. Bingnan said industrial innovation to the corporate innovation, China's gold jewelry industry 激安 エルメス 財布of cultural innovation path selection the gold jewelry industry in China should seize the historical opportunity of グッチのバッグthe national cultural industry development. "When the strength of our industrial manufacturing to meet consumer demand for gold jewelry of the general public, and to reach a certain level, the cake of this market may have been eating almost.

Old Phoenix Bank Building, deputy general manager Wang人気 グッチ 財布 Ensheng think that the jewelry industry should become the pillar industry of China's creative fashion industry, and to creative-driven design, and culture to create value, but also to win the market with brand marketing. Zhang Jie, director of Huangpu District, Shanghai ヴィトン 財布 新作Commission of Commerce, the forum said, will jointly Huangpu District government to promote the construction of Shanghai International Gold, Jewellery & アディダスのスニーカーfunctional areas, to further enhance the international status of the gold jewelry industry.

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